Learn Local Conference 2018

Learn Local – Learning Together

The 2018 Learn Local Conference was held in Melbourne on August 30–31, 2018.

This two-day conference provided an opportunity for Learn Local organisations to reflect and share the successes of the sector, network and participate in professional development opportunities. The conference was fully funded by the ACFE Board and was designed to support and develop the work of Learn Local organisations.

The following presentations have kindly been made available from the conference presenters. There is a graphic illustration that captures the highlights from each of the sessions also.

Minister Gayle Tierney: Learning Changes Lives

Minister Gayle Tierney.jpeg

Day 1 keynote: Julius Colman

Julius Colman.jpeg

Springvale Learning and Activities Centre: Critical thinking in adult learning

Springvale Learning and Activities Centre.jpeg

Paw Po products: Social enterprise

Paw Po products.jpeg

Taskforce Community Agency: From clients to learners

Taskforce Community Agency.jpeg

Manningham learns: A strategic alliance

Manningham learns.jpeg

Success through partnerships in the Gippsland region

Success through partnerships.jpeg

Integrating a trauma-informed approach in Learn Locals

Integrating a trauma-informed approach.jpeg

Panel: Learn Local providers as super collaborators

LLPs as super collaborators.jpeg

Day 1: Reflections

Day 1 reflections.jpeg

Wyndham Community Education Centre: Developing partnerships

Wyndham CEC and Council.jpeg

Day 2 keynote: Shelley Mallet

Keynote- Shelley Mallet.jpeg

Sector voices: Sue Geals and David Perry

Sector voice.jpeg

Diversitat: Designing new programs

Designing new programs.jpeg

Day 2: Reflections

Day 2 reflections.jpeg


Day 1

Day 2

Should you have any queries about this event, please contact the conference coordinators learnlocal@edumail.vic.gov.au