Does the Learn Local logo replace our organisation’s logo?

The Learn Local logo is not meant to replace the branding of individual Learn Local organisations. By keeping your own visual identity and co-branding with the Learn Local network brand your organisation will be recognised as part of the Learn Local education and training network supported by the Victorian Government, thereby increasing the awareness of both the sector and your own organisation. In doing this, we can better support our learners, educate businesses and spread awareness.

Does the Learn Local logo replace the ACFE Board logo?
No, the ACFE Board logo remains the Boards logo for use on all internal documents as well external statutory documents that are directly produced by the Board ie. ACFE Annual Report. The Learn Local network logo will be mainly used by Learn Local organisations and on statewide external communications / promotions for the sector eg. Brochure to business / industry about the benefits of a partnership with an Learn Local organisation.

Do I still use the ACFE Board logo when promoting a program / course that is funded by ACFE?
No, please substitute the Learn Local logo when referring to an ACFE funded course / program in a course guide or online. However, if you are referring to ACFE in the content of a promotional piece, please continue to say the program is supported by the Victorian Government with funds allocated through the Adult, Community and Further Education Board.

Which logo do I use when designing and printing a document internally?
For internal design and printing, please use the JPG logo. For documents (ie. brochures, reports etc) use either the Colour_ Print version or the Black&White_Print version. If you are using the logo in the online space please use the Colour_Web version. See the Logos page for more information about this.

Which logo format do I send to external designers / printers?
External designers and printers will most often require the EPS logo. Depending on what the promotional item being produced is, you have the choice of either sending them the CMYK, Spot, Mono, CMYK Reverse or Mono Reverse version. See the Logos page for more information about this.

Instead of using the branded templates, can I keep my current 'look and feel' and just add the Learn Local logo to the promotional material?
Yes, certainly! However, if you do add the Learn Local logo, please take care not to distort the image.
No, you do not have to use the branded templates. However, these will always be available for your organisation to use if you decide you would find them useful.

Can I add another colour to the branded templates to match my logo?
Yes. For example if your logo has the colour orange in it, then you may like to change some of the headings on the template to orange. However, please always ensure that the colour you use will be legible once the material is printed.

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