6. Templates

Learn Local Templates
This section contains a range of branded marketing templates for use by Learn Local organisations. The main brand elements of each template, such as the Learn Local logo and border, have been 'locked' in place, however other elements, such as the text and images can be moved to suit. All templates are in Word 2003 and are available in colour as well as black and white. With regard to the text, please keep the font type and size as is, to ensure your materials are easy to read.

Please see the end of this section for click-by-click instructions and further user tips such as moving and replacing logos and images.

Cover Page - A4

Flyer - A4

Flyer - A5

Flyer - DL

Flyer - 3-page DL


Powerpoint Presentation


Media Release Template

To save any of the above files:
  • Right click on the link
  • Select 'Save Target As'
  • Select the folder you would like to save the logo to
  • Click Save

Template user tips
Below are some general tips you may like to follow when using the templates:
  • Logos - The Learn Local logo is locked in place on each template and so is the position of the provider logo, however you can easily change this logo to your own one by following the below steps:
    1. Left click on the sample provider logo
    2. From the main toolbar, select Insert - Picture - From File
    3. Select the logo you would like to insert and click 'Insert'. The sample logo will be replaced with the new logo
    4. Adjust the size of the new logo so that it is a comparable size to the Learn Local logo
    5. Finally, please ensure that your logo is approximately the same distance away as the Learn Local logo from the vertical line that seperates the two logos. You can do this by placing the mouse on the left hand side of the new logo and hitting the space bar until the new logo is the same distance away from the line as the Learn Local logo.
  • Images - Please do not move or distort the image sections in any way. However, you are able to replace the images with ones appropriate to your needs. Just follow these steps:
    1. Right click on the image section you wish to replace
    2. Select 'Format AutoShape'
    3. Click on the 'Colours and Lines' tab
    4. Under the 'Fill' section, click on the 'Colour' drop down box
    5. Select 'Fill effects'
    6. Click on the 'Picture' tab
    7. Click on 'Select picture'.
    8. Select the photo you would like to insert and click 'Insert'. In the preview screen, the sample image will be replaced with the new image.
    9. Tick the box that says 'Lock picture aspect ratio'
    10. Click 'OK'. In the template, the sample image will be replaced with the new image.
  • Text - Please keep the font type and size as it is currently used on the templates. This will ensure that the promotional material is clear and easy to read.
  • Colour - Feel free to add another colour to the template so that you can individualise it for your own organisation. For example, if your logo has the colour organge in it, then feel free to change some of the headings to organge. However, please always ensure that you pick a colour that is easy to read once printed.

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